Mariners News: Las Vegas Gives M’s 30-1 Shot at Winning Wold Series


The 2015 baseball season ended just a couple days ago, but Las Vegas odds makers have already picked the favorites for the 2016 Fall Classic. The Westgate Las Vegas Sports Book gives the Seattle Mariners 30-1 odds of bringing home the Commissioners Trophy next season.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers were given the best odds at 8-1. The New York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays, Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals are all tied for second place with a 10-1 shot at winning the Wold Series. This year’s champs, the Kansas City Royals, have an 18-1 chance to repeating.

At 30-1, the M’s have the 15th best odds according to Vegas to win the World Series in 2016. That seems somewhat positive, but the Houston Astros, Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels all have better odds than the Mariners.

It’s hard to blame Sin City for overlooking the Mariners. Seattle won just 76 games this year, and missed the postseason by 10 games. There are some significant question marks in starting rotation and the bullpen. Jerry Dipoto is also expected to put his finger prints on the starting lineup. However, any team featuring Felix Hernandez, Nelson Cruz, Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager has a chance to grace the postseason.

The good news is that Las Vegas is almost always wrong. On April 6, 2015 the Mariners were given the 7th best odds to win it all, and were predicted to win 86.5 games. We know how that worked out. The World Champion Royals were given a 30-1 chance, and were expected to finish with a losing record.

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It is unlikely the Mariners will win the World Series in 2016. But, as Vince Vaughn said in The Internship, “sometimes the long shots pay off the biggest.” So, if you feel like channeling your inner Pete Rose, put a few bucks on the M’s this winter. It could pay off big time come next Fall.