My Initial Jerry Dipoto Thoughts


Today, Jerry Dipoto had his introductory press conference in front of the Mariners faithful. You can listen to the highlights within Dutton’s article above.

My initial takeaways?

– I think I like him. I think he’s young, energetic, smart and insightful. He appreciates the analytics of the game, but also understands the game from the players perspective.

– I think he said all the right things. All these guys are smart. They usually say the right things, but I was impressed.

My main questions?

– What will Dipoto do with the Mariners big contracts? Will be opt for a total rebuild and look to get rid of Felix Hernandez, Kyle Seager, Robinson Cano, or Nelson Cruz? My gut feeling tells me he can’t do that, and that makes me happy.

– What is Brad Miller’s role going forward?

– Is Ketel Marte the opening day shortstop in 2016?

– He had issues in Los Angeles, is Dipoto easy to work with? Can he get along with the Mariners brass?

– Is Edgar back as hitting coach?

– Is Lloyd back as manager? Dipoto said he’s in no rush to judge. I’m a fan of Lloyd’s tenacity and desire and I think he’s the man for a young team. I hope Dipoto gives him an honest chance.

There’s lots to answer and lots of time to do so. We’ll have fun breaking it down. For now, enjoy the last days of the 2015 Mariners. They’ve been tough to get along with, but ultimately, we’re better off for having known them.

Go M’s!

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