Jered Weaver Messes With Kyle Seager, Loses


The Mariners beat the Angels last night by a score of 3-1. Jesus Montero had a three-run home run to provide all the runs. He has six hits off Jered Weaver. Five of which are home runs. That’s impressive…

Weaver didn’t last long in last night’s game. No, not because of Montero’s home run. And not because of injury. But because he was ejected in the fifth inning for messing with Kyle Seager.

Seriously, Jered. You don’t mess with Seager! Watch the incident here, and I’ll give my take below:

Why Seager is Right:

1. Major league batters boxes are huge. It’s virtually impossible to have one foot out of the box while calling time, and then immediately step to a comfortable spot. You need a little time in the box to get acclimated.

2. The umpire was granting it. If the umpire is granting time, then the player isn’t really at fault.

3. He’s Kyle Seager and he’s our guy, so of course he’s right.

Why Seager is Wrong:

1. Is he wrong for cursing at Weaver? I like the fire, and you can find countless vines to see what exactly Seager said…His language probably instigated the hitting, but then again we can’t see what Weaver said back.

Why Weaver is Right:

1. I was a college pitcher. I get it. Seager is in the box, so therefore he should be ready to hit.

Why Weaver is Wrong:

1. The umpire has clearly spoken to both players at this point. You have to know that you’re going to get tossed at this point. So, why bother?


The right thing happened when Weaver was ejected. It made no sense to hit Seager in that situation….

Go M’s!

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