Kyle Seager on Fire, Corey Seager Makes Debut


This is the Kyle Seager that we know and love! Kyle has been red hot of late. He’s hit well through Chicago and Houston and looks to continue tonight as the M’s take on the A’s in Oakland. Seager has had an inconsistent season for the M’s. He’s still among the most productive Mariners as expected but his season as come in waves.

It’s good to see Seager heating up down the stretch and hopefully it continues.

As good as Kyle is, it’s weird to not have him be the most talked about Seager of the day. His brother Corey, made his long-anticipated debut last night for the Dodgers. Corey had two hits on the night as the Dodgers eventually lost.

Pretty cool GIF right here:

Pretty similar swings for pretty similar players… Both very good.

Go M’s!

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