Lloyd McClendon’s Future


Well, I picked a bad day to go away for the day, huh? With Jack Z fired we have lots of questions now that need answering. Will the team shed payroll and try to trade away some of its higher-profile stars (Please don’t trade Felix, Seager, Cano, Cruz, Walker, or Paxton…please)? Will the M’s change their entire approach when it comes to evaluating talent and drafting? Will the M’s play a different style of ball in 2016?

But more pressing at the moment, will the man in charge change in 2016? Will Lloyd McClendon, who’s under contract through 2016, still have a job on the bench?

M’s President Kevin Mather attempted to answer that today…

Sounds clear enough. Sounds genuine enough. I believe that Mather doesn’t blame Lloyd. And I don’t either. Lloyd McClendon didn’t implode as the entire M’s bullpen did. Lloyd didn’t hit .240 for Robinson Cano in the first half. He didn’t get hurt for James Paxton or Hisashi Iwakuma, and he didn’t spend much of the year hitting under .200 with RISP.

I like Lloyd. I like his fiery nature and his willingness to go to bat for his players. He has my respect as a former player.

I just hope the next GM gives him a fighting chance to keep his job. It’s not his fault the M’s are where they are.

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