Mariners News: Former M’s Great Adam Jones, and Lineups


The Mariners lost to the Orioles last night. The Mariners are now 52-61. The Mariners lost 3-2. They didn’t hit well. They pitched pretty well. It’s a Mariners formula we’ve seen many times before.

Perhaps more frustrating was how well Adam Jones played. Yes, that Adam Jones. That former top M’s prospect Adam Jones. the same Adam Jones that hit .246 in 41 games in 2007, producing just two home runs and four RBIs. The same Jones that hit .216 in 31 games in 2006. And then the same Adam Jones that the M’s shipped to Baltimore in the ill-fated Erik Bedard deal.

Look, I was a dumb 13-year-old that had no concept of building for the future so I was happy with the Adrian Beltre deal, the Richie Sexson deal, and heck, I even liked the Carlos Silva deal. I was behind the Bedard deal, buttttt it didn’t work out well. Obviously. It’s fun to look back and remind yourself of what could have been.

The M’s could have had one of the best players in the league! He’s hitting 3rd tonight on the O’s. To the rest of the lineups.

Quick Takes:

1. Prince Tai gets the ball tonight. He’s been inconsistent this year but he’s shown flashes of brilliance. He’ll need that good curveball against this good hitting lineup.

2. Kyle Seager has also been inconsistent this year. The M’s need him to keep trending upward.

3. Nelson Cruz has a 20-game hit streak. He’s unreal. Enjoy it now, and root for the streak to hit 21.

Go M’s!

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