Sodo Mojo Podcast: Rodney, HOF and Cruz


What’s up everyone? Our fourth episode of the Sodo Mojo Podcast is out! Remember, if you haven’t listened yet, we do this every Monday and every Friday. We talk for 10 minutes or less about three main Mariners points. You can follow us on Twitter @SodoMojoFS or you can follow me on Twitter @EastCoastMsMojo.

What are we talking about today?

1. First, I’ll tell you why Lloyd McClendon’s decision to bring in Fernando Rodney on Wednesday was a good one. Sure, it backfired, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

2. I’ll delve more into my trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. If you’re a Mariners fan who hasn’t made it out East, you’ll definitely want to know what Mariners-centered artifacts line the Hall of Fame’s historic walls.

3. We’ll break down the season for Nelson Cruz. It’s been pretty unbelievable. It’s been since 2005 since a RH hitter for the Mariners put up these kind of numbers. Can you remember that RH hitter?

The Mariners open up a three-game set with the Rangers tonight. The Mariners are 7.5 back in the AL Wild Card chase. A series win over the Rangers would help the Mariners move back toward the middle in the AL West and the Wild Card. And plus, it’s always fun to knock off the Rangers.

Take a listen and continue to listen throughout the rest of the 2015 season. Despite your frustrations with the Mariners, it’s not football season yet!

Go M’s!

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