On This Day: The First Happy Felix Day


As a society, we’re all caught up in “Throwback Thursday,” and “TimeHop.” We love looking at the past and seeing how things have changed, or how they’ve stayed the same.

And this…well this may be the best flashback for any Mariners fan:

It’s hard to believe that on this day 10 years ago Felix Hernandez, wearing No. 59, made his first major league start for the Mariners.  The first edition of “Happy Felix Day.” Look at those stats above. Felix is the best pitcher to ever don a Mariners uniform. And while Randy Johnson played on the most famous M’s team (1995), Felix is better than he was too.

The result of that game for those wondering? A 3-1 Mariners loss that sent the M’s to 46-61 on the season. The King went five innings against the Tigers, surrendering just one earned run on three hits. He walked two and struck out four.

Felix got the first loss of his career, one of many losses he’s had where he pitched well enough to win.

Interesting notes from that game?

1. The Mariners starting lineup included Ichiro (RF), Willie Bloomquist (2B), Raul Ibanez (LF), Richie Sexson (1B), Adrian Beltre (3B), Jeremy Reed (CF), Mike Morse (SS). Seriously, Mike Morse played SS. Scott Spiezio was the DH and Wiki Gonzalez did the catching.

2. I’ve tried to erase Jeremy Reed and Scott Spiezio from my Mariners memory. Hasn’t happened. This doesn’t help.

3. Interesting notes on the Tigers that night? Old friend Carlos Guillen hit second while new frenemy Fernando Rodney? He got his first save that night in relief of Sean Douglass.

My, how times have changed. But also stayed the same.

Go M’s!

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