Sodo Mojo Podcast: Why You Should Keep Watching


In case you missed the news on Monday, we have launched the reincarnation of the Sodo Mojo Podcast. Here’s Episode 1.

Basically what we’re doing is this:

1. Every Monday and Friday we are posting the Sodo Mojo Podcast.

2. The podcast will be 10 minutes or less.

3. We will address three main topics in each podcast.

4. Here’s Episode 2:

What we’re talking about today:

1. We talked about the emotions we’re feeling right now. I’m pretty sure you are feeling just how I am: Sad, angry, upset…all of the above. After the Mariners loss to the Twins last night, how could you be feeling any better?

2. We focused on why you should keep watching the 2015 Mariners. Namely, the Mariners are promoting No. 2 prospect Ketel Marte today. His speed, switch-hitting ability, defensive versatility, are all fun things to pay attention to moving forward. Also, Mike Zunino’s resurrection is important to note, and also fun to watch.

3. My goodbye to Dustin Ackley. I’ll miss Dustin Ackley in Seattle. Sure, he never became the player he could have with the Mariners, and I’m sure in typical fashion, he’ll be great with the Yankees, but I’ll always like and respect him.

4. Today is the first day of Seahawks training camp. I love the Seahawks as much as all of you. I’ve railed against football season coming for a long time, because baseball is my first joy, but still Happy #BlueFriday! and #GoHawks!

But, as exciting as the Seahawks season could be, it’s still Go M’s!

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