Mariners Analysis: M’s Pitchers Back in Lineup


After getting shutout in three of the last four games, the last thing the Mariners need is the return of the pitchers to the batting order.

Mariners pitchers can’t hit much worse (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports).

On the other side of things, the Mariners have been shut out in three of the last four games, so what’s the difference whether it’s the pitcher in their or not? At least with the pitcher in the lineup, we don’t get a false sense of hope that someone who gets paid to hit may actually do it.

The M’s open up a four-game set with the Giants tonight. The first two will be played in San Francisco, while the next two will be played at Safeco. The Mariners continue to tread water, remaining 7.5 games behind the Astros in the AL West. If they can play well in these four games, they set themselves up for another big Astros series this weekend at home.

These games continue to feel like must-wins to save the season.

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With the M’s on the Bay, let’s take a look at how the Mariners pitchers have fared with the bat this year:

Not well. The M’s hurlers are 0-5 this season at the plate. Remember the M’s played the Dodgers for three earlier this season. Taijuan Walker is the pitcher who gets first swings tonight.

Don’t expect the M’s pitchers to hit better than the M’s position players, but don’t expect them to do much worse either. And remember, we always have this to hang our hat on!

And we get some Dave as well. I’ll take that memory any day of the week.

Go M’s!

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