Mariners Analysis: What Tonight’s Game Means


For me, this series is the season. That sounds bleak, that sounds overdramatic, but it’s what I feel with every fiber of my Mariners fandom.

The Mariners got beat last night by the Astros. By a score of 10-0. Felix Hernandez allowed eight earned runs in .1 innings pitched. It was the worst start of his career.

I forgive you, Felix (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports).

Let’s get this clear: Felix Hernandez has carried the Mariners for years. He’s been the lone bright spot amidst years of darkness. He’s pitched seemingly endless amounts of brilliant games and gotten nothing for it.

I will never be mad at Felix Hernandez for turning in one clunker. It happens, even to the King.

But, what it represents is important. The Mariners came into that game in 4th place, just 6.5 games behind the Astros. They had a chance to bring themselves closer to Houston, and with their best on the mound, it was the best chance they had.

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The Astros dethroned the King for a night, and they leave the Mariners without a really viable option to beat them two more times to take this series.

Mike Montgomery gets the ball tonight. The M’s need a great performance from him, one that can save the bullpen and deliver the win. They also need to hit — they’ve been shutout in back-to-back games.

I still think the Mariners need to win this series and pull within 5.5 to save their season, but at the very least, they can’t get swept. They see the Astros again very soon, and need to stay within striking distance at all times.

As for Felix, he’ll be fine. It was just a bad time for that performance.

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