Ack Attack? Time for Dustin Ackley to Step Up


The Ack Attack!

Thus far, any “attacks” have been few and far between.

Dustin Ackley has been one of the more frustrating Mariners in recent history.

Jesus Montero is up there as well, but, aside from 2012, Montero hasn’t shown any promise at the big league level. 

Note, I italicize this because I’m aware of his AAA numbers from last year—before the season ending “ice cream sandwich” incident, that is.

The difference with Ackley is that he’s sort of spent the last few years alternating between being near worthless with the bat, and then—in short flashes—reminding us why he was once a number two overall pick—all within in the same season.

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He finished off last season strong…BUT… if we recall, former Mariners one-bagger Justin Smoak had made a habit out of giving us the late season tease as well.

The good news is that hot hitting has continued into this spring as well, with Ackley leading all Mariners with double digit at bats with a .455 average.

Perhaps an Ack Attack after all.

Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon has suggested Ackley might see a few games at first—under the assumption Ackley keeps his average up.

With Rickie Weeks expected to spend some time in left as well, Ackley will have some competition, however.

But if he can hit, he can pretty much guarantee a spot in the lineup somewhere.

And of course Ackley is a former infielder, so he potentially spell Cano, for regular rest, or if somebody goes down with an injury.

We’ve already got Willie Bloomquist and the aforementioned Weeks for that, but Bloomquist is coming off a season ending injury, and Weeks had a down year last year. So this year would be a great year for an Ack Attack breakout year.

Any year would be great for that but he’s running out of seasons to prove himself.

I’ll be rooting for him, he seems like he’s worked hard to get himself there.

Here’s hoping.

What do you guys think, is this the year the Ack Attack breaks out?

Are you tired of me saying Ack Attack?!

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