Seattle Mariners #TBT: Favorite M’s Commercials

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Missing K’s

The Mariners commercials involving Felix Hernandez are so good I had to put two in the slide show. The first ad aired prior to the Coronation of King Felix. 2006 was Hernandez’s first full season in the big leagues, and at just 20-years-old, he was more of a Prince at the time. However, as this ad suggests, he could always strike batters out. I particularly like the scene where the K from Pike Place Market is stolen by an M’s fan.

Nobody’s Perfect

In my humble opinion, this commercial ranks among the best in Mariners’ history. This ad smashed people’s perceptions of the King. Up till this point, outsiders just saw the tilted hat and baggy pants, and they assumed Felix was arrogant. Would a self-obsessed person be willing to voice a dummy modeled after himself on National TV? I don’t think so!

This ad also teaches a valuable lesson to the kids out there; you can’t be great at everything! King Felix is one of the greatest pitchers in the history of the game, but he is horrible at being a ventriloquist.

King Felix has been a key figure in the Mariners’ organization over the past 10 seasons, and he has always been popular amongst the fans. Everyone hoped when he was called up in 2005 that he would be special, but he has surpassed even his biggest fans expectations.

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