Seattle Mariners #TBT: Favorite M’s Commercials

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This commercial is a classic. Ichiro was an instant fan favorite in Seattle, and the Ich-i-ro chants can still be heard on quiet nights in the Emerald City. Ichiro did some incredible things on the baseball field, but nothing captured the imaginations of Mariners’ fans more than his unique batting stance.

Why does he extend his right arm and hold the bat horizontally towards the pitcher? I couldn’t tell you, but it seemed to work. Just like with Boonie, I can remember my friends and I imitating Ichiro’s batting stance in epic games of whiffle ball.

I was lucky enough to be in attendance when Ichiro broke the single season hits record back in 2004, and I don’t remember Safeco Field ever being louder. Ichiro will one day reside in the Mariners’ Hall of Fame, and this commercial should be his intro.

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