Seattle Mariners #TBT: Favorite M’s Commercials

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The Seattle Mariners released their 2015 commercials on Wednesday morning. In honor the unveiling and throwback Thursday, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorites here at SoDo Mojo.

These commercials are important to the Mariner faithful, as they give us a chance to look beyond the numbers on the stat sheet. Yes, the commercials are used a marketing tool to sell tickets, but these ads allow the fans to see the players as people.

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From Ken Griffey Jr. to Jay Buhner to Jamie Moyer to Felix Hernandez, the Mariners have been blessed to have numerous charismatic personalities starring in their commercials over the years. The M’s may not have always been great in the AL West standings, but not many organizations have had more players better on television.

Anybody who was a fan of the Mariners during the 1995 season remembers two things: the double and the enigmatic personalities of the players and coaches. It makes perfect sense then that the popularity of the Mariners’ commercials really took off during the mid 90’s. Everybody has their own personal favorites, but it was hard to go wrong with Randy Johnson, Dan Wilson, Joey Cora, Lou Piniella, Griffey or Buhner.

The Mariners organization has done a fabulous job over the years of preserving the fun loving atmosphere in their commercials. Regardless of the fame of the players, no body takes themselves too seriously. The players have changed over the years, but the humor remains in tact.

Not all of the best commercials are available on the Internet, but I have assembled some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. The commercials will be shown in order of airdate, with the earliest going first.

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