Off-Beat: The best promotion nights of 2015


Good morning my fellow SodoMojoers, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I certainly did.

So, instead of going over the usual analysis/breakdown that we post a lot, I figured I would go a little bit off-beat here and take a look at what might be some of the better promotional nights to go to over the course of the upcoming season.

I’m sure all of you have your 2015 wallet-sized schedules by now, but those don’t show you all the discounts and promotions the M’s offer over the course of the season. Here are some of the highlights of the promotional calendar, and games that you’ll likely see yours truly at rocking his SodoMojo shirt!

April 6, vs. Angels: Opening Day

This one is a no-brainer. Felix will be taking the mound for the first game of the season, and this year it’s a home game. That means it’s the supreme court, the whole place will be rocking the King’s Yellow that day. I might bail out on classes to go to the stadium. Definitely a must-see game.

April 25, vs. Twins: Kuma Bear Hat Night

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It might be just me, but the novelty of wearing an animal hat has yet to wear off on me yet, and getting a bear branded with the Mariners logo (sorry for the language PETA) sounds absolutely wonderful to me. Count me in.

Sunday, May 17 vs. Red Sox: Little League Day + Nelson Cruz Poster

Little Leage Day is always one of my favorites to go to. The stadium is almost always full, albeit with small children, but many of those small children aspire to be like the players they see on the field. Always a great game to go to if you want to enjoy the atmosphere.

May 29 vs. Indians: Fireworks Night

This night has been a mighty success the past few times it’s been held. Everybody loves fireworks. ’nuff said. There’s acually three other Fireworks Nights: June 19 and July 24 and August 21

August 8 vs. Rangers: Jamie Moyer Hall-of-Fame Day – Bobblehead

The M’s honor arguably one of the best pitchers in their history on August 8. I’m personally so happy he ended up getting his series title after he went to Philly.

Anyway, those are some of the games you’re most likely to catch me at this season. Have a good Monday, ladies and gents!