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Jesus Montero Contributing This Season


A few seasons ago I was excited at the chance to watch Jesus Montero grow into this team’s Edgar Martinez. Fast forward to now and the idea of him being in the lineup is somewhat scary.

This sort of thing happens all the time where a high profile prospect just doesn’t work out. But Montero isn’t quite done yet.

Last year Montero made the move to first base to try to help re-start his young career. Many didn’t believe he had the ability to handle catching and saw him destine to be a career DH.

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That plan went out the window because no one wants a DH that can’t hit. This prompted the move to first.

Montero had no answer for right handed pitching, or really any pitching in 2013, and thus his value dropped. But in 2012, his first year with the Mariners, he tore up left handed pitching.

Recapturing that form might be all he needs to get another chance. While I don’t think a platoon situation is probable, him taking some starts from Logan Morrison could be a good thing.

This doesn’t have to do with Morrison needing help with lefties as much as that he has an injury history to keep in mind.

After watching him catch fire down the stretch last year I would love to see him out there everyday but I fear that would wear on him. This is where Montero can make some noise.

Reports that Montero has come into camp in shape and seeing pictures of him slimmed down make me think he is working hard to get better. The question remains: will this translate into a good outcome?

Even a strong spring won’t result in a starting spot but perhaps chances to show that he’s ready to contribute.

There will be some competition against him with Rickie Weeks. Lloyd McClendon has said that Weeks will platoon with Dustin Ackley but imagine that he could see some spot starts in the infield when needed. Hopefully, this will motivate him more.

Being able to contribute surely doesn’t add up to what the Mariners were hoping when they traded for him.

Everyone was expecting a premier bat. That’s not what Montero will be but can he be a minor to above minor role player on a good team? Yes and we might get to see that this year.