David Rollins To Join Sodo Sunday This Week


Dan and I are back at it this Sunday! Sodo Sunday powered by SodoMojo.com will be talking Mariners once again. We’ll be discussing the first full week of Spring Training and discussing some of the news the M’s front office made as well.

We’re also going to be having a special guest join us this time to talk about his experience at Spring Training. That’s right Sodo Sunday will be having the Mariners Rule 5 Draft pick David Rollins on the show for about 30 minutes to talk about his first week with the Mariners in Peoria. We’ll be asking him how he’s enjoyed his first week back and with a new team and ask him how he feels about the organization as well.

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After that, Dan and I will move onto our first Mariners off-current topic of the season. This week we’ll be talking about some of the best and worst free agent signings the Mariners front office has had over the years. Pretty sure this list is going to be long in the “worst” department.

Afterwards we’ll get into Jesus Montero‘s impressive transformation. As you know Montero showed up 40 pounds lighter to Spring Training, Dan and I will be discussing if he’s finally ready to make the team or if he’ll slip up and hit the ice cream sandwiches again. See what I did there? I know I’m funny.

If you want to tune into SoDo Sunday just go to our Talk Shoe page, also if you would like to call into the show to ask Dan and I any questions then dial 724-444-7444. I would like to point out though that during David Rollins’s interview we will have you on mute until the interview is over. We also have a new Call ID, its now 137163#.

We’ll also be answering questions on Twitter if you cant call in. Just tweet us @SodoMojoFS and use the hash tag #MarinersTalk to ask us a question relating to the Mariners or if you would like us to ask David a question of your own. We hope to see you guys on Sunday at 7 PST.

Go Mariners!!!!!