Sodo Sunrise: Felix Hernandez and the “FaceofMLB” Campaign


Today’s Sodo Sunrise has an exclusively Felix Hernandez theme. That’s because the #FaceOfMLB campaign on MLB Network continues today with the King, Felix Hernandez, facing off against in-division rival from the Oakland Athletics: reliever Sean Doolittle.

With the competition, it’s simple enough: you have 24 hours to tweet and retweet as many times as possible with the hashtags #FelixHernandez and #FaceOfMLB. They both have to be in the same tweet, and whichever player gets the biggest turn-out moves on to the 4th round of the competition.

As a bit of friendly competition between FanSided blogs, my co-editor Dan Hughes decided to whip out his fisticuffs on the Twitter (it’s called the Twitter right? Like the Facebook?) in defense of our King and Ace:

Jennifer Trumpp is one of the staff writers over at FanSided’s Swingin’ A’s, the Oakland Athletics site. She didn’t shy away from shot across the bow, and was cool with throwing down the gauntlet.

That would be this picture of Felix Hernandez ‘felixing’ after his perfect game in 2012:

And right back the other way:

Now all we need to do, Mariners fans, is tweet like crazy in support of Felix Hernandez.

Not sure why King Felix should be the Face of Major League Baseball? Here’s a quick refresher on his accomplishments:

In 10 major league seasons, Felix has posted a 125-92 record with a career 3.07 ERA. He’s pitched over 2000.00 Major League innings, with 7 consecutive 200.0+ inning seasons.

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He has 1951 strikeouts, a 1.170 WHIP, 5 All-Star appearances and an American Cy Young award (in 2010).

What else do you need to know? Sean Doolittle may be one of the best relievers in the MLB, but is he worth the title: Face of the MLB?

Felix is the face of the Seattle Mariners. He is the king on the 7 hills of Seattle. More than anything else, he stands for all the good things and fun things and passionate things that baseball stands for.

Also, in connection with our T-shirt campaign, we will be giving away more T-shirts. For every 25 shirts sold during the FaceOfMLB 24-hour period, we will pick a Twitter follower at random to receive a free copy of the shirt.

Haven’t heard about out T-Shirt fundraiser to support children’s cancer research? Click this link for more information.

No offense to Jennifer, but I hope to see her Felixing a little over a day from now. Vote #FelixHernandez as the #FaceOfMLB!