Mariners Podcast: Spring Training Edition


This Sunday Dan and I are back on the air! Mariners Talk podcast returns after another long break and this time we will be talking Spring Training!

The Mariners come into this spring coming off their best season since 2009 and with some interesting additions to the team as well. General manager Jack Z signed Nelson Cruz to a 4-year $57 million dollar deal, so that will help the lineup in the power department.

Cruz’s power is going to be an improvement to this team in several ways and Dan and I will be going over those in the show. Now, we have gotten some comments about the show being too long so were going to go for under an hour.

Moving on to our topics of discussion for tomorrow night. The Mariners just signed Rickie Weeks to a one year deal so we’ll be getting into that along with some of the other acquisitions the M’s made this off season. We’ll be talking about the impact that Justin Ruggiano will have in the outfield and how his bat will come into play this year.

Usually we do our Mariners off-current topic, but instead we will be talking about how some Spring Training breakout performances have turned into bad seasons. A good example of this was Brad Miller – in 2014 – but we do expect him to bounce back this upcoming season for the Mariners.

Speaking of Miller, that is going to be a topic we will be discussing. The shortstop battle between Miller and Chris Taylor. Who comes out the winner and who will be keeping the bench warm.

If you would like to ask Dan and I a question tomorrow night then tweet us at @SodoMojoFS with the hashtag #MarinersTalk and we will answer your questions relating to the Mariners.

All this in tomorrow night’s podcast of Mariners Talk. To tune into our show please go to our Talk Shoe page or if you would like to call into the show please dial 724-444-7444 and then put in 129537# for the call ID.

Go Mariners!!!!