Sodo Mojo: Morning Links From Around Major League Baseball


Welcome Mariners fans to another edition of SoDo Sunrise. I’d like to make this a daily feature here at Sodo Mojo, and eventually we’ll get there. But for now, I will bring this to you when there are some interesting stories from around the League that I think you would enjoy.

So let’s jump right into it, with stories from Anaheim, Texas and Toronto!

Editor Dan Goes North Of The Border…Virtually

This last Sunday, I had the pleasure of joining the guys over at Jays Journal for their weekly podcast, “Jay’s Nest”. The guys asked me on to talk about Michael Saunders and Justin Smoak, who are both on the Blue Jays for the upcoming season.

I feel like I tempered their expectations of both players, but also told them that if Saunders can stay healthy, they have a potential All-Star on their hands.

The guys were later joined by a writer from FanSided’s Pirates site and capped it off with Blue Jays center fielder Dalton Pompey.

You can check out the recap as well as see the video and stream the audio using the link here.

Is Joe Saunders Going To Return To Anaheim?

More from SoDo Mojo

Remember Safeco Joe Saunders? Yeah, we all do. In one ill-fated season in Seattle, Saunders posted a 5.26 ERA and lost 16 games.

Mike Greyshock over at Halo Hangout is actually making the case for the Angels to sign him. Of course, Saunders had what little success he’s had in his career, in Los Angeles. But I don’t think at this stage of his career, he is going to return to 2008 form (17-7, 3.41 ERA, All-Star).

But then again, if the Angels want him, perhaps Mariners fans should be happy. Let him be their problem. Although, on second thought. Saunders is 8-1 in his career with a 3.49 ERA.


The Better Team In Texas Is Something To Fight About?

Over at Nolan Writin, Lisa Weatherall decided to answer a challenge – so to speak – by answering a post written by our Astros friends at Climbing Tal’s Hill.

The piece titled – The Houston Astros Will Be Better Than The Texas Rangers in 2015 – warranted a response. One that Lisa called – Why The Texas Rangers Will Be Better Than The Houston Astros in 2015.

Of course, we can settle this little Lone Star spat right now with a post coming soon to Sodo Mojo entitled – Why The Seattle Mariners Will Win The AL West In 2015.

Game. Set. Match.