Seattle Mariners Minor Leagues: Still Producing Quality Prospects


With so much invested in the team to win now its good to see the Seattle Mariners still have quality prospects on the rise. The Mariners have enjoyed a good farm for a while but with promotions and busts they have seen their top heavy farm thin out recently.

D.J. Peterson and Alex Jackson have been named to the MLB top 100 prospects list with Peterson at #49 and Jackson at #34. The overwhelming odds are that we won’t see either of them in the majors this year but each provides hope for the future.

When the Mariners gave Robinson Cano that monster deal last offseason it was clear they were committed to winning now and in the future. But looking at the back end of the contract is there any way Cano can be elite in the twilight of his career? He will be well past his prime years and not the hitter the Mariners can depend on like they do now. Same goes for Nelson Cruz. Although his deal is much short I don’t see him producing too well after the second year of his contract maybe sooner. Given his injury history and his overall game I don’t see him aging well.

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I didn’t like the Cruz signing mostly for that reason but I agree he should make the team better this year. And even though we will have Cano well beyond his prime there is no doubt that was the right call given how well everything worked out last year.

Winning now is the goal. If a World Series ring is captured then it would all be worth it no matter what. Despite putting a lot of eggs into the win now basket it’s great to see the farm is being rebuilt.

We’ll have to see how both Peterson and Jackson develop through the minors. We’ve seen our share of busts but there have also been a few nice surprises from players who weren’t as highly touted. So it wouldn’t be surprising if another prospect came along that could help down the road.

Regardless it should be exciting when these players make it to the majors and contribute to what might be a lineup with Kyle Seager as the premiere bat.