Seattle Mariners 2015 FanFest (Live Blog)


It’s that time Mariners fans! The 2015 FanFest is underway.

Can’t make it this year? You can follow along on Twitter with #MarinersFF to see what’s going on.

In this space, I’ll update any news or highlights that come out of today’s fun.

My son and I are here, if you see us, be sure to say Hi.

It’s a relatively warm but cloudy day in the Emerald City, perfect way to kick off the 2015 season.

Stay tuned for more.

11:30 am- Just got an autograph from Mariners Center fielder Austin Jackson.

Classy guy, I expected no less. Thanks for being here Austin!

1:35 pm- I hit 2 “homers” off the tee after my son challenged me. He hit none. I win!

4:00 pm- Time to head home, after a trip to the Mariners Team Store, of course.

I couldn’t keep up with the updates as my son and I were having so much. We’ll post about our thoughts as well as some pics soon.