Can The Mariners Upgrade Two More Positions With Desmond And Cabrera?


The Mariners appear to still be trying to upgrade at two positions. There are reports that they have made an offer to free agent outfielder Melky Cabrera, however; Cabrera is holding out for a longer contract at the moment. It seems they are also talking to the Nationals about a possible deal for all-star shortstop Ian Desmond. Both these moves would improve two positions that did not produce enough for the Mariners last year.

I’ve said before I would like to see an upgrade at shortstop. Brad Miller struggled to keep his batting average over his weight and Chris Taylor did alright filling in, but if you want to be a playoff team there needs to be more. I still believe Miller will be a good shortstop, even for a playoff team. But another year like last year is something they can’t waste.

Nelson Cruz will provide value for the first half of his contract. I don’t like the deal but if two good years come from the signing it will be worth it. Robinson Cano is currently 32 and still elite at his position, but he is still 32. He will start to lose a step in the coming years. This is why we need a shortstop that will produce now. The big bats that we’ve signed might not be big bats if we continue to wait.

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I still worry about signing Cabrera. I really had hoped the Mariners could pull off a deal for Matt Kemp but he has since been acquired by the Padres. Signing Cabrera means the Mariners give up another draft pick. While maybe losing the second doesn’t hurt as much as the first it still adds to the loss. The Mariners need to win but they need to make sure that team still has a chance in the future too.

If the Mariners can get Cabrera on their terms I believe they should do so. The reported offer that was made to him was a three year deal. It’s a nice length that won’t cost the team too much. But if Cabrera holds strong to what he is looking for I think the Mariners should also then hold out.

Justin Upton could still be available; even though that might not be the answer given what the Braves are asking for in return. There are other free agent outfielders available as well that would provide improvement from last year. There could even be more trade partners out there that haven’t been explored.

The Orioles have asked the Reds about outfielder Jay Bruce. While another lefty hitter, his power could help the Mariners lineup as well. Whatever they do, I’m all for improving the team to win now… but let’s not be irresponsible about how the moves can harm the future.