Mariners Hot Stove fans need to chill


I can already see the Mariners fans on Twitter now “Why wont the M’s make a damn move?”, “Mariners need to sign someone quick”, “Jack Z better get off his a** and make a move before all the good players are taken”.

Mariner fans remember that we signed Robinson Cano in mid December last year right? M’s fans shouldn’t panic right now, there’s no need to.

Right now there have only been four big signings, and guess what? Nelson Cruz, Nick Markakis, Pablo Sandoval, James Shields, Jon Lester, and Ervin Santana are all still free agents without a team.

Also some of the Mariners free agents that fans want to have back next season are also still on the market. Joe Beimel, Chris Young, and Endy Chavez still remain free agents.

The fans need to be patient during the next month and a half because the way I see it, the big signings wont be happening until late December.

Now me, I’m still a fan of the Mariners making a move for Cruz (which they have been rumored to be discussing a contract with) and possibly Yoenis Cespedes.

People need to realize that teams aren’t going to go out and sign a free agent as soon as the season is over, its going to take a couple months due to contract discussions, trade talk, and additional contract negotiations.

Right now the Mariners have been rumored to Cruz, Hanely Ramirez, and possibly trading Hisashi Iwakuma for a big bat. So far nothing has really come up news wise on anything.

Cruz has been the only REAL talk since the Mariners were rumored to be coming close to signing the slugger.

We’ll all see what comes up in the next month and a half for the Mariners and hopefully we’ll be seeing some new and returning players playing in teal and white at Safeco next season.