FS Faux GM Winter Meetings: Mariners Sign LHP Francisco Liriano


As the FanSided GM Winter Meetings continue, faux Mariners GM Trader Dan Hughes is at it again, though he’s out on the free-agent market this time with his FS Faux Winter Meeting signing.

In a move that provides pitching depth and roster flexibility, GM Dan has signed free agent left-handed pitcher Francisco Liriano. The faux offer from our FS faux GM is a 3-year deal worth $40 million dollars. There is also a $14 million club option for the 2018 season.

Francisco Liriano, a 9-year MLB veteran from the Dominican Republic, is a welcomed addition to the Seattle Mariners roster, as he slots nicely with Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma as the veterans in the rotation.

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Here’s a breakdown of the faux free agent signing:

Francisco Liriano:

2014 Season: 7-10 record, 3.38 ERA. 29 games played, 29 games started; 162.1 innings pitched. 175 strikeouts, 81 walks, 130 hits allowed and 13 home runs given up. 1.30 WHIP. 1.5 WAR

Career: 76-72 record, 4.07 ERA. 223 games played, 196 games started, 3 complete games; 1163.1 innings pitched. 1184 strikeouts, 500 walks. 1.33 WHIP.

Steamer 2015 projections: 10-9 record, 3.73 ERA. 153.0 innings pitched. 3.46 FIP. 2.2 WAR.

These numbers are perfectly indicative of the role Liriano is expected to play for the faux Seattle Mariners: mid-rotation starter who can get 150.0+ innings.

The years and dollars are fair rates as well, seeing as Francisco is 31 years only and prone to injury hiccups. Also, with the qualifying offer extended to Liriano by the Pittsburg Pirates, the Mariners will be giving up their 1st round draft pick in the MLB First Year Player Draft– pick #21.

But overall, faux GM trader Dan is happy to have Francisco Liriano in Mariner blue:

"We’re excited to bring Francisco Liriano to faux Seattle. His presence brings experience and stability to our rotation. It also allows us additional flexibility should an opportunity to acquire another bat arise."

With the signing, the Mariners get an experienced left-handed starter. And with that, as Dan suggests above, the flexibility to make trades to go out and get a big right-handed bat for the outfield.

It’s reasonable to expect what Steamer projects from Francisco Liriano in 2015. If the Mariners go out and get another faux bat too, he could see himself with a few more wins than 10.

His numbers won’t blow anyone out of the water, but if he gets 29 starts and eats up 150.0+ innings, he will be valuable for the M’s in 2015 and beyond, especially as a stop-gap and veteran presence with all the young arms like James Paxton and Taijuan Walker coming up through the organization.

Remember: this is a faux signing as all of FanSided participates in faux GM Winter Meetings to try and make their teams better. So what do you think: should the Mariners go out and sign Francisco Liriano?