My 2015 Seattle Mariners projections


Next season is going to be an interesting season for the Mariners. Though Robinson Cano did break his toe other night in the combined no hitter by Samurai Japan.

He’s going to be out for 3-4 weeks but will be back in plenty of time for spring training. There has been talk about Nelson Cruz and the M’s are close to a deal but we’ll see what happens. If the Mariners sign Cruz that’ll definitely would help the lineup, but again the M’s would need one extra bat.

Now lets say the Mariners got Cruz and an extra bat then you would be seeing the Mariners pose a threat not only to win the AL West but the World Series.

Now lets say the Mariners don’t sign any big names they will still be a threat to deal with in the AL West. The reason why is because this team will have something to prove this season because there will be analyst who will be doubting the Mariners and the M’s will be looking to prove all of them wrong.

Felix Hernandez will be looking to go out and dominate after getting snubbed at the Cy Young, Cano will look to improve from last season and get better, and Kyle Seager will look to have another great season after his All Star/Gold Glove season.

Also manager Lloyd McClendon wants to see his team keep momentum going from last season to come into this season as well.

Moving onto this upcoming season, the Mariners need a couple key signings that they will need for next season.

Joe Beimel, Chris Young, and Endy Chavez are three signings that will be a key to next season. The reason why I say those three is because all three were a key to last season success.

Beimel, Young, and Chavez helped tremendously last season and signing two out of the three to a non minor league deal would be a huge step for next season.

Now getting back to the season projections that I have. This upcoming year I see the Mariners going far, not just record wise, no I mean playoff wise! One or two more good signings and you have a 20 win Felix season, a 90+ win season, and perhaps a World Series season! It all depends on how Jack Z roles the dice in this off season.

Jack Z has been known to make some critical signings but last season he made several good ones. Logan Morrison, Beimel, Young, and Cano were four good signings that Jack made but the other deals he made……..meh.

No matter what happens with this Seattle Mariners team this off season just be on the watch next year for a team that will have fire in their bellies to make a huge impact in the AL West and look to take the teams first American League pennant in franchise history.