Felix Hernandez Deserved The American League Cy Young


Congrats to Felix Hernandez on winning his 2nd Cy Young award! Oh wait a second, I’m being a delusional fan. That’s what I would have said IF Felix had won. Corey Kluber edged Felix out of the first place votes by earning 17 of the 30 votes. Now, if you look at what Felix did this year compared to Kluber, you immediately think that Felix got royally screwed over…….and trust me that’s putting it professionally.

Felix put up career best numbers. He posted a 15-6 record with a career low ERA of 2.14, a career-high 248 strikeouts, and an MLB best and career best 0.915 WHIP, and Felix went through a 16-game stretch where he put up 7+ innings allowing 2 earned runs or less, marking a new MLB record.

As for Kluber he posted a career best 18-9 record, a career high 269 strikeouts, a 2.44 ERA, and finished with a WHIP of 1.095. Look, Kluber may have the edge in wins and strikeouts but the writers decided to take sabermetrics rather than look at the performance.

The writers took into account ballpark factor and defense behind the pitchers. They also took into account their “bad luck” starts and close call starts. Look, this is me talking as a baseball guy but sabermetrics shouldn’t mean JACK SQUAT when it comes to an award such as the Cy Young. This is 2nd time that Felix has gotten snubbed at the award but this year’s is pissing me off more than ever. Felix may have had his bad luck of having 13 no decisions but that was because his team rarely scored 3+ runs for him!

Next season, Felix Hernandez will be on a mission. He’ll be pitching pissed off and you know what happens when Felix gets pissed? Lets just say hitters are eff’d in the A. I’ve seen it all season long when Felix gets pissed, he pitches like he’s on another level and he becomes more than a shut-down pitcher.

You watch, next year Felix will get 20 wins.