Twitter Tuesday: Which Mariner Would You Like To Host Saturday Night Live?


On Saturday, Chris Rock hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time. It marked his first appearance on the show since he was “fired” in 1993.

Watching the episode – which seemed poorly written and poorly executed – it made me think about how much I’d like to see more athletes host the show from time to time. Actors and musicians are the first choice, I get it. But why not have more baseball players? Talk about being able to bridge the generational gap.

So I posed the question both on Twitter and Facebook: Which current Seattle Mariner and which former player would you most like to see host SNL?

Tom Wilhelmsen would make for an interesting host. Especially if he broke down and did his little fancy dance like was seen after the season finale.

And as for Jay Buhner? Yeah, that man is funny. Whether watching him try to sell trucks or flipping Griffey the bird during his Mariners Hall of Fame acceptance speech, Bone would be an entertaining option for sure.

Over on our Facebook page, we got these other responses:

Current: Wilhelmsen, Charlie Furbush, Felix Hernandez, Robinson Cano.

Former: Buhner, Ichiro Suzuki, Brendan Ryan.

I have to admit, the one current guy I’m surprised I hadn’t seen pop up is Logan Morrison. Have you seen his Twitter account?

Now, I must admit, his tweets have been tamer since coming to Seattle. He used to get into some serious word battles with followers. He’s not afraid to speak his mind in 140 characters or less.

And, he hasn’t done much on Twitter since May. Not sure if management talked with him about toning it down or what, but I miss the banter.

I would especially love to see a sketch with LoMo and Keenan Thompson playing Fernando Rodney, shooting the arrow after a game, only to have a fan actually be “hit” by the arrow and come out to yell at them.

Or you could have Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) come out to give them tips on shooting the arrow, telling LoMo he’s looking in the wrong direction given the angle Rodney shot it.

Hey, it’s better than half the sketches they actually put on the air this past week.

So what do you think? Who would you like to see host SNL and why? Tweet @SodoMojoFS with the #MarinersSNL and give us your picks.