Favorable Match Ups For The Mariners


Going into the weekend it was looking like a great match up for the Seattle Mariners getting to play the Texas Rangers. Funny thing about that is that Texas is the only team in the AL West the Mariners have a losing record against. They are now in position to change that.

Considering that Texas has been one of the worst teams in the MLB this year and the Mariners are pushing for the playoffs it’s strange that they would give the Mariners such problems.

But the Mariners have taken the first two games of a 4 game series putting their record against Texas at 8-9. Winning the last 2 games would give them a 4 game sweep which would be nice. Not only take the season series but also add to the current 4 game winning streak they’re riding.

After this series they’ll head home to play the Houston Astros, another good matchup. They need to take advantage of these series. Despite the fact they have winning records against the A’s and Angels, those are two very good teams. The Mariners have 10 games against them left in the season, 7 of which against the Angels.

Sitting 8 games back in the division is a tall hill to climb, and I still want to see that happen, but they are now ahead of the Tigers for the second wildcard slot.

They only sit 2 games behind Oakland for the first wildcard slot. It’s not crazy to think they will win home field advantage for the wildcard game.

Oakland has fallen off greatly after having a commanding lead of the division back in early August. This doesn’t fool anyone though, they are still dangerous.

With three games left against the A’s it’d be nice to see the Mariners at least cut that lead, if it still exists when they play. And while the Angels are still hot, great pitching, like what the Mariners have, can cool a team on a roll.

The last month is giving the Mariners the teams they need to beat as well as teams they should beat. As long as they stay consistent, the wildcard game could be the first playoff game at Safeco Field since 2001.