Mariners Fighting Until The End


We’re moving into the last week in August and every game is pivotal for these Seattle Mariners. The urgency is clear on their part. Last night, in a game where they had to start out with high confidence playing one of the worst teams in the American League, the Red Sox, with Felix Hernandez on the mound. Felix was pitching pretty well too, but Yoenis Cespedes would get the better of him on one pitch and put the Mariners behind 3-0.

The score would stand until the ninth inning with two outs. Then they were able to bust out for 5 runs and take the first game against the Red Sox. This team has so much fight still left in them late in season and that should scare other teams.

They were also able to get some help from the Twins, who put up 20 runs on the Tigers allowing the Mariners take the lead in the wildcard race. The Tigers have gone from high favorites to win the AL Central to scuffling quickly. It is surprising since they seemed in control when they traded for David Price, but since then they have just won 9 games and lost 11.

Detroit is their main competition in this last month as just making the playoffs would be a dream come true after a 12 year playoff drought. But could they aim higher? The Angels are still hot but the A’s are struggling a bit down the stretch. While a seemingly very difficult task, every Mariners fan knows it could happen.

Mariners have arguably the best pitching staff in baseball with an offense that is good enough.  They own the second best run differential in baseball right now, mostly because of their pitching, proving that they don’t need the dynamic offense like that of the Angels or A’s.

The last month of the season will have the Mariners playing mostly AL west rivals with only one series being out of division against the Blue Jays. With September baseball just around the corner it’s going to be a ton of fun to watch this team as they fight not only for a playoff spot but I believe they push for an AL West crown.