Mariners Talk Back This Sunday With Gary Hill


This Sunday, Mariners Talk- powered by will be back on TalkShoe. Co-Editor Dan Hughes wont be able to join me this weekend, but thankfully, 710 ESPN Seattle’s own Gary Hill will be able to join us for Mariners Talk.

Gary and I will get the show started with the usual weekly round up. Since we missed last Sunday me and Gary will go into a 2 week round up.

Two weeks worth of Mariners baseball will take around 45 minutes to an hour to cover. After the two-week round up, Gary and I will get into Mariners Talk’s famous off-current topic.

This week since the Mariners are in a playoff contention we’ll get into the Mariners previous postseason playtime. We’ll first talk about the greatest comeback in MLB history, the 1995 comeback by the Mariners to win the American League West title.

We’ll discuss about how the Mariners were able to overcome all odds – including having their star Ken Griffey, Jr., out for most of the season – to win their first division title. And we’ll talk about their postseason ride as well.

We’ll then get into the 1997 season and the disaster the M’s had in the ALDS. Finally, we’ll talk about the historic 116 win season. And of course we’ll talk about the pathetic output they had in both the Division Series and Championship Series.

Finally, Gary and I will go into next week’s match ups and get in depth about who will be pitching for the M’s and who they will be playing against. We’ll talk about who will be the key players next week that will make an impact and help the team win most of their games for next week. Before we end the show, Gary and I will go into a short off-current topic.

Both of us will be talking about some of the most valuable players that the Mariners have had this season. We know Felix Hernandez has and will be the Mariners MVP at the end of the season, but there are more players that have played such a key role in this season so far. Chris Young, Robinson Cano, Kyle Seager, the bullpen, Roenis Elias, are just a few players that we will be talking about.

You can tune into the show this Sunday at 7 PM PDT on our TalkShoe site. You can also call in and give your take on what Gary and I will be talking about, or ask us a question. The number to call is 724-444-7444 and you will also need to put in a Call ID which is 129537#.

Note, be aware our show is not a Howard Stern type show we do not want any profanity on the show.

We hope to see you on Sunday until then……GO Mariners!!!!!