Flashback Friday: Felix Hernandez Throws Perfect Game


For true to the blue Seattle Mariners fans, you remember that exact moment in time. That moment when Felix Hernandez struck out Tampa Bay‘s Sean Rodriguez to end the game.

On this day, two years ago, King Felix became just the 23rd pitcher in MLB history to record a perfect game. The first to do so in a Mariners uniform.

It was a moment that caused me to throw my Coors Light all over the living room like I was in the Red Sox locker room after winning the World Series last year.

A moment followed by a pose which will without a doubt be a statue outside of Safeco in the future.

It was a moment that I will not ever forget.

A moment that gave birth to a social media movement called #Felixing.

The perfection we witnessed that day added to his polished resume which already included 4 All Star game appearances and a Cy Young award.

On the same day, the Mariners also became the first team in MLB history to have a perfect game for them, and a perfect game against them in the same season.

It was a masterful performance dominated by a nasty changeup and a smooth fastball that left the Rays lineup baffled. Hernandez struck out the side twice and threw 12 K’s total.

Felix is only the second player from outside of the United States to throw a perfect game.

I know we all say Happy Felix Day every time he takes the mound but I for one think that today should be the ‘official’ Felix Day.

I hope we can pay Felix back this season by giving him a taste of October. The greatest pitcher in the game deserves it.

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