Rusney Castillo’s Workout With the Mariners Postponed


Rusney Castillo, the often talked about free agent Cuban outfielder, has had his workout for the Mariners (which was scheduled for today) postponed. More from Mariners beat writer Shannon Drayer:

As mentioned previously on Sodo Mojo, Castillo had 30 teams at his workout at the University of Miami a few weeks ago. And since then, it is confirmed that he worked out privately for the Phillies earlier this week, and for the Boston Red Sox this past Friday.

With the postponement of his workout with the Mariners, there are a few speculative questions that need to be thought through.

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The first and easiest answer would be that the Mariners got busy, or Castillo got busy, or some scheduling conflict arose and the team and the free agent simply had to find a different time where both were free and available to conduct a private workout.

However less promising for the Mariners, this postponement could mean that Castillo is no longer interested in signing with the Mariners. It could be because he sees there’s no spot for him in the immediate future on the Major League roster. It could be that he just found out it rains in Seattle sometimes. Or even more simply, the two camps have talked and have come to a mutual realization that Seattle isn’t the place for the Cuban outfielder.

It could also be that Rusney Castillo has already all but made up his mind on which team he’d like to sign with. A team could have blown him out of the water with an offer, or even more the Phillies or Red Sox just did well to entice him their way.

No matter how it shakes out, the outfielder in his late twenties has potential to provide productivity in the outfield.

I for one think he would be a great fit for a Seattle team starved for long-term outfield talent, and hope that the postponement of the workout with the Mariners is nothing more than a snafu with the scheduling.