Seattle Mariners Are On The Clock


We are only a few hours away from the trade deadline and Jack Zduriencik and the Seattle Mariners have yet to make a move.

There has been a blockbuster in our division this morning with Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes being traded to the A’s for Yoenis Cespedes, a move that has only put more pressure on the Mariners to make something big happen.

Big Z, you are on the clock my friend. The next few hours will decide your fate.

One would think that because of the fact that the Mariners have a good chance to make the playoffs this season that there would have been more of a sense of urgency by the front office to quickly patch up the cracks in our clearly imperfect roster. If you ask me, it is time to take a page out of the A’s book.

It is time for Big Z to go all in on David Price, Ben Zobrist, and Alex Rios.

Give up Taijuan Walker, Brad Miller, Nick Franklin, and D.J. Peterson.

It would be a tough pill to swallow at first losing our prized possessions in Walker and Peterson, but we would be trading them to restore hope for a World Series Championship could be coming to Seattle soon.

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Adding Price and Zobrist would give us the edge needed to earn the second wildcard spot ahead of teams like the Yankees and Royals.

Felix, Price, Iwakuma, Paxton, Young/Elias. Not bad..

Also a good move for next year. If the Mariners cannot make the playoffs this season, they go into next season with the ability to re tool and add the pieces that were missing this season through free agency.

Adding a big name like David Price would make our team more attractive to free agents next season because we would only be a couple of small pieces away from having a World Series caliber roster.

What about adding Alex Rios?

Texas still owes us a favor since we gave them Cliff Lee for free.

They are in the market for young pitching, something that we have an abundance of which could give us the upper hand over other teams in the market for his talents.

Rios is a proven outfielder and a good right handed bat. Haven’t we been searching for both of those things?

Rios is having a good season for the Rangers batting a respectable .304 in 395 at bats.

The question is, does J-Z have the cojones to pull the trigger on any deadline deals. Time will tell.