Seattle Mariners Acquire Austin Jackson in Three Team Deal


UPDATE:The Rays also get prospect Willy Adames from Detroit.

According to Jon Morosi, all of the details are out. The final deal is Franklin, Adames and Smyly to Tampa Bay, Price to Detroit, and Austin Jackson to the Mariners.

It has just been reported by a variety of sources including Jon Heyman that the Mariners are involved in a three team deal with the Tigers and Rays. David Price will be headed to the Tigers rather than the Mariners, who will instead pick up Austin Jackson in the deal.

So far, all we know is that Nick Franklin will be headed to Tampa, along with Drew Smyly of the Tigers. Price will head to Detroit, and the M’s pick up CF Austin Jackson.

There will likely be more involved as the details continue to pour out, but those are the major players as of now.

This may be a disappointment for those hoping the Mariners would end up with Price, but the trade looks to be a win nonetheless. Austin Jackson is a massive upgrade over what the Mariners currently have in center field, even in a down year in which he has hit .273/.332/.398 with a 1.2 WAR.

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He is just two years removed from a 5 fWAR season, and had 3 wins last year. He is only controlled through 2015, but this still seems like a win if Nick Franklin is the only major piece involved. He moves James Jones and/or Endy Chavez to the bench where they likely belong at this point.

In Franklin, the M’s traded a fairly highly rated prospect, but one without a future in Seattle. He is best suited for second base, which he obviously can’t play in Seattle, and the Mariners have Brad Miller and Chris Taylor to fight for time at short stop. He has struggled in his time as a big leaguer, but has an .847 OPS in Triple-A this season.

The Tigers get another bonafide ace in Price, who will no doubt help an already good team as the playoffs draw near. Price has a 3.11 ERA and 2.93 FIP in 170.2 innings on the year, and won the AL Cy Young award in 2o12.

Drew Smyly is the other confirmed member of the deal, headed to Tampa Bay with Nick Franklin. He has spent time in the rotation and bullpen due to the stacked nature of Detroit’s rotation, to the tune of a 3.77 ERA and 4.17 FIP in 105.1 innings.

The return for Price seems extremely low, so you have to wonder if the Mariners and others refused to give up their top guys like Taijuan Walker in exchange for Price.