Mariners Talk first half review podcast


This past Sunday and for this entire week, Mariners Talk- powered by had to be constantly cancelled due to the fact that Talk Shoe – the podcast site that we use – has been having continuous site problems.

This Sunday though at 7 PM PDT the show will be back on the air as the site has been fixed and me and Dan Hughes will be doing a long first half review show. We’ll do our usual round up of this last week and go over the positives and negatives of this week. And of course we will be giving out our weekly awards, our player of the week, play of the week, and MVP of the week.

After our review of this past week we wont get into our off-current topic, we’ll go into talking about the entire first half of this season for the Mariner and do just like we do with our weekly review. We’ll put in the positives and negatives of the first half, we’ll give our players of the first half, and our player MVP of the first half.

Then we’ll get into our off-current topic in which we’ll talking about the last 10 first halves for the Mariners and talk about how each one of those teams were different from one another. We’ll also talk about some of the previous transactions the Mariners have made before the July 31st trade deadline in the last 10 years.

Following our break after our off-current topic me and Dan will get into a discussion about who needs to go and who the Mariners should trade for before the trade deadline. Now, we will be keeping our language to a “Dave Softy Mahler” professional level but in our discussion things may get a little heated as me and Dan may not agree on certain things.

Either way we’ll be talking about the players that need to go, the players that need to stay out of Lloyd McClendon’s lineup, and who needs to be traded.

We’ll then round things up by talking about what to expect in the second half for the Mariners and who to watch out for. Me and Dan would like to say right now in this post that we believe that this Mariners team will make the playoffs but only with the support of you, the fans, and there are times when we criticize and hate on certain players and the team but we need to support the M’s because this season is the stepping stone for a Mariners team that will make many post season appearances in the coming years.

We hope to hear from you guys this Sunday. If you would like to call in just call in at 724-444-7444 and then put in the Call ID which is 129537#.

Go Mariners!