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Mariners Talk: Talking Trades And Flashbacks


Mariners Talk- powered by, is back with both Mike and co-host Dan Hughes this Sunday at 7 PM PDT.

This week were going to be talking the same ol’ Mariners topics, but wait there’s a twist this week.

That twist is that we will be talking about other teams not just the Mariners, seeing how there was a blockbuster deal trade that the A’s made this past week in which they acquired two targets that the Mariners were eyeing to get, Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel.

During the first segment of the show me and Dan will be getting into this particular deal and how it effects the Mariners, and also we’ll discuss other targets that the Mariners will possibly eye before the July 31st trade deadline.

During that discussion we’ll also talk about who the Mariners could trade to get those possible trade targets as well.

We’ll continue the first segment by talking about the Mariners All-Star selections and discuss which players got screwed out of the All-Star Game.

We’ll then end the segment by giving our players of the week, play of the week, and the MVP of the week.

Following the break, we’ll go into our always popular off-current-topic. This week we’ll be talking about a certain promotion the Mariners did in 1998 that they should do again, we’ll also be talking about some of the most idiotic promotions the Mariners have done in the past.

During our third segment in the show we’ll be going over the last week of the first half for the Mariners.

We’ll then go over the pitching match ups for two upcoming series with the Twins and Athletics and give our players to watch for during the week.

We’ll then end the podcast by giving our predictions on how well the Mariners will do next week. Were both hoping for a complete sweep of the week……I think a lot of M’s fans would like that.

If you would like to call into the show tomorrow night be sure to call 724-444-7444 along with putting in the Call ID which is 129537#.

We really hope that you guys will call in, we want to hear your opinions on the topics we talk about and we hope to hear from you guys tomorrow night.

Go Mariners!!!!!