Throwback Thursday: 5 Worst Trades in Seattle Mariners History

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Welcome to the month of July. With the Trade Deadline rapidly approaching, the Seattle Mariners are looking to be buyers this year instead of sellers. I will warn you though. You are probably going to read a ton of trade rumors. Here is the worst part. Rumors are just that….they are only rumors.

The Mariners are red hot right now winning their fourth straight series after sweeping the Houston Astros. Now nine games over .500, its time to see what trade options can put the Mariners over the edge as a serious contender for 2014.

The last thing we want is for the Mariners to trade another future star for someone who just doesn’t pan out.

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we will look at the 5 Worst Trades in Seattle Mariners History. Let’s hope this list acts as the same reminder to Jack Zduriencik as he wheels and deals toward July 31st.