James Jones: Could He Be A 100-Steal Guy?


James “Vader” Jones has only been with the Mariners ball club for nearly 2 months and in that time he’s managed to not only be one of the biggest surprises on the M’s but he’s put himself in the Top 10 in the American League in steals. That’s damn impressive!

Only 2 months and he’s managed to get into the Top 10 in steals?! Just imagine what he could do next season when he plays the entire season? Jones has the speed to become a 100 base thief when he gets a full season in him.

I know this is a little out there, but I have to compare Jones to Ricky Henderson and when I compare him to Henderson I’m comparing him by his speed and his base stealing ability. Co-editor Dan Hughes has compared him to Vince Coleman and Willie McGee as well.

James Jones has been able to read pitches moves and the incredible speed he’s shown off in just the short time he’s been with the club. Jones hasn’t just impressed me with his base stealing he’s impressed me with his batting as well. He’s one of those weapons that the Mariners will utilize if they make a trip to the postseason this year.

Jones did very well in the leadoff spot but I think the M’s should leave him in the #2 spot just because Endy Chavez has been doing just as well in the lead off role. Jones has put up great numbers since getting the call up back in May as he’s put up a .281 batting average with 28 runs scored and of course 17 stolen bases.

He’s the future center fielder for the Mariners and he’s the guy that could really help the Mariners go far in the postseason this year.

But next year for Jones will the year to watch him run. There are currently three players that I believe could have a 100 stolen base season and they are Dee Gordon, Billy Hamilton, and Jones. But out of those three Jones could be the one that does it multiple times in his career if he stays healthy and his speed doesn’t deteriorate with age.

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