Trade Options For The Seattle Mariners Outfield


It’s clear the Seattle Mariners need to improve their offense if they plan on remaining a threat in the playoff race. As I have said before, the team needs to keep its cool while pursuing these players. They have spent years in the cellar with a good farm and fans were constantly told about the future.

Well, they are finally in playoff contention but this is a team I believe can be in contention for years to come. That’s why they need to make sure to hold on to pieces that will be contributors down the road.

The outfield is the biggest issue for the Mariners right now. James Jones has played great and having Michael Saunders back in the lineup is relieving. They need more production out of the other corner outfield though.

My first choice is Alex Rios. As Charlie wrote before, Rios would be a great fit in the lineup. He has a bit of a price tag but if the team can get the right price he is the first player the Mariners should be targeting.

Another player the Mariners should be taking a look at is Ben Zobrist. Zobrist is affordable as he is getting paid $7 million this year with a team option for next year at $7.5 million. While I know the Mariners would want someone with some more power, Zobrist provides tremendous versatility as he plays multiple positions.

Even without the power, his ability to get on base is one that every wants. His numbers are somewhat down this year but Zobrist has a good track record and the Mariners should take a look.

Another affordable option could be Seth Smith. He’s playing with a one year contract at $4.5 million and is the only Padre with respectable numbers. He’s one that would not require any big name prospects in return and could help the team on offense. While I would prefer a right handed bat to help balance out the lineup there’s no reason to rule out lefties who can help.

These players should be their first priority. Improving the outfield is the greatest need right now. Once that is taken care of they can look to other positions.