MLB Draft: Mariners Select Gareth Morgan With 74th Pick


The Seattle Mariners followed up their first round pick of Alex Jackson – a high school catcher they plan on converting to an outfielder – by selecting….a high school outfielder?

Gareth Morgan, considered to be the top prospect that Canada has to offer this year, was selected by the Seattle Mariners with the 74th pick of the draft. It was the final selection in the Competitive Balance round that concluded the second round.

According to a story at the Toronto Sun profiling Morgan:

"“He has Edwin Encarnacion’s power and body with Jose Bautista’s outfield tools,” said one veteran scout. “Gareth is unlike any Canadian player I can think of. He has Justin Morneau’s power from right side.“But Gareth is a better athlete. Justin was a catcher than couldn’t catch, Michael Saunders was a really good outfielder, Gareth has way more power than Saunders. Brett Lawire, doesn’t have that kind of power. Joey Votto didn’t have his power, he’s more of a gap hitter.”"

So the Mariners used their first two picks to remedy the team’s biggest concern, right-handed power bats in the outfield. If both Morgan and Jackson are to report to Class A (Short) Everett later this month, there could be some fireworks in the near future.

Morgan is committed to North Carolina State, so stay tuned over the coming days as we wait to see what happens.

In the meantime, you can follow Morgan on Twitter @garethmorgan44