MLB Draft: Fans React To Seattle Mariners First Round Pick


Earlier tonight, the Seattle Mariners used their 6th overall pick to select Alex Jackson out of Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego, Calif.

The pick was the first high school player chosen in the first round by the Mariners since Nick Franklin was picked late in the 2009 first round – Taijuan Walker was chosen in the Compensation Round after the first round in 2010.

As soon as the news hit, fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions of the selection. Here’s some of our favorites.

We hope so too. If he ends up being everything we have heard he is capable of being, that home run swing could become a familiar sight at Safeco Field in the coming years.

Nice! Maybe he’ll hook you up with some good tickets over the years.

I would have been nervous if he had been a late first round pick or later round. However, being the 6th overall pick and having a potential 7-figure signing bonus dropped in front of him, I think the University of Oregon is going to have to find another recruit.

Aug 24, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; American catcher Alex Jackson (10) during the 2013 Under Armour All-American Baseball game at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, there could be some really potent bats in the Mariners lineup in a few years. The success this team has enjoyed so far this season should continue to grow with good drafts like we’ve seen of late.

Just think for a moment if you will what the Mariners lineup could look like in the 2016 or 2017 season.

How about this?

1- CF James Jones
2- LF Dustin Ackley
3- 2B Robinson Cano
4- RF Alex Jackson
5- 3B Kyle Seager
6- DH D.J. Peterson
7- 1B Justin Smoak
8- C Mike Zunino
9- SS Chris Taylor

Now of course, the Mariners won’t bring Peterson up to be a designated hitter. The M’s (hopefully) will have someone to fill that role by then. It’s also debatable whether or not Smoak will still be here, but that is a potent lineup (potentially) to say the least.

Ummm, yes. That would be considered good.

We agree. WOOOOOOOO! I’m sure Mike Zunino initially had a mild heart attack. But ultimately felt the way we did once he heard the plan was to stick him in the outfield.