Kyle Seager: Time For A Trip To Tacoma?

By John Frances

Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners are on a losing streak. It’s not much fun to watch, but that’s the nature of baseball. We’re seeing rookies make rookie mistakes, a pitching rotation stifled by injuries, and a batting lineup as cold as ice.

Because it’s early in the season, it’s hard to pinpoint large contextual problems. Young talent like Abraham Almonte and Brad Miller are full of promise, but are still learning their way. I don’t think anybody, myself included, is ready to write these guys off for their early mistakes and struggles.

But what about Kyle Seager?

Seager was the hope that propelled us through 2012 and 2013. He was a solid, consistent player who started looking like an all-star caliber talent by 2013. Yet after the break of that year, he fell into a slump. And he’s never gotten out of it. Have a look:

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That trend line is pretty clear. Did Seager lose something in his swing? Did he become too aggressive at the plate? Not aggressive enough? I certainly don’t know. But I’m starting to think he should find his answers in Triple-A Tacoma.

If that idea concerns you, look no further than Dustin Ackley. His Triple-A Tacoma stint last year paid dividends. And with Nick Franklin currently looking for steady playing time in the majors, is it really such a bad idea?

Kyle Seager is a cornerstone of this team, no question. But how much longer can we accept his lack of production?