Robinson Cano Out Of Lineup After Root Canal


March 3, 2014; Peoria, AZ, USA; Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano (22) reacts after hitting an RBI single in the fifth inning against the Colorado Rockies at Peoria Sports Complex. I wonder which tooth it was. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Robinson Cano is out of the lineup for the Mariners today after having a root canal after Wednesday’s game. According to Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times he “isn’t feeling too great.”

Okay, I am not a heartless person but Cano needs to get his newly fixed tooth out there on the field.

I personally, had a root canal done a few months ago. For those that don’t know what it entails, basically it’s this: A cavity in a tooth has gone so deep that it gets to the nerve inside the tooth (sometimes even partially fracturing the tooth).

You go in, get the tooth completely carved out, drilled down to the root, cutting out the nerves in the tooth. Then the nerves are filled in and a porcelain crown (fake tooth) is seated on top of what’s left of the existing tooth.

Sometimes, the tooth cannot be saved and is removed completely and replaced by a completely fake tooth.

Now, I had this done (with the porcelain crown) and missed that day at work because the procedure was done during the day. But I was back at work the next day and as a delivery driver for one of the major delivery companies (what can “I” do for you?, hint, hint) I can tell you that my job is VERY physical.

I can only imagine that a man with the best dental care imaginable – $240 million should get you something – should have come out of that procedure feeling like a new man. I cannot fathom the idea that he needs to take several days off to recover from this.

Now, I am just being ultra-critical of our $240 million man. He may be experiencing some real side-effects from the procedure. Something you would expect if you were getting treatment from a non-licensed dentist in the bad part of town. (I’ve had that experience as well)

It’s just a red flag for me, if I were the GM. A possible preview of the kind of mess I am now stuck with for 10 years. Will Cano always baby his injuries? Will he take a week off to nurse a sore hamstring when he only needs a day or two? Will he miss a start due to sneeze-induced back pains a la Sammy Sosa?

Only time will tell. But in my opinion, he’s not off to a good start.