Do the Mariners need to add another bat?


Feb 25, 2014; Mesa, AZ, USA; Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano (22) takes fielding practice during camp at Peoria Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

We all know it.  We need another bat.  With power, please.  Oh, and make it a righty.

Even Robinson Cano got into the act last week, recognizing he will need some protection in the lineup.  Speaking to Cano offered:

"“I’m not going to lie. We need an extra bat, especially a right-handed bat, we have many left-handed hitters. We need at least one more righty.“You don’t want to face a lefty pitcher with a lineup of seven left-handed hitters.”"

With only two projected starters hitting from the right side (Corey Hart & every catcher on our roster), one switch hitter (Justin Smoak), and a red-hot Nick Franklin looking for a new home, there is an opportunity to be had.

There is something to be said to holding on to Franklin as a Bloomquist-like utility infielder, and in fact I might be more open to that than carrying the ACTUAL Bloomquist…however all signs are pointing toward a move…potentially to the Mets.

This is where I get confused.  All talk out of New York is that the Mariners are interested in pitching. Oh really?

Perhaps I am in the minority here, and after listing to sports radio this morning it sounds like I am, however I am really pretty confident in our pitching, with or without Scott Baker.  A good mix of youth and experience, some huge upside guys, and a LOT of live arms with plus fastballs.  No, Mets fans, I don’t think pitching is what we are after.

We went out and got the biggest, baddest free agent on the planet this year, we need to protect him in the lineup.  If the Mariners are not willing to spend the money for a Kendrys Morales then it is their obligation to complete the move up the division ladder and add a bat.  Death Valley in the middle of our lineup is not the way to get off to a hot start.  There are no real holes in the bullpen, so let’s do the right thing, and go get a bat!

Just one mans opinion.