Remembering Greg Halman

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Not every Major League career gets derailed by injuries. Or by getting too fat and too unmotivated (Jesus Montero?). Or by anxieties issues. Or the mental stress of the game.

Baseball is a grueling sport, a marathon of 162 games over the hottest months of the year. Flights across the country every week. Nagging injuries, mental lapses, media scrutiny.

And tragedy is pervasive in everyday life, within and without baseball. You think about the fan in Texas who fell over the railing going after a home run ball. You think about guys like Brandon McCarthy getting drilled in the side of the head by a line drive back up the middle. Or a guy like Franklin Gutierrez who– after being out with injuries and gastrointestinal problems– gets hit in the head by a pick-off attempt at first base and has to miss even more baseball.

For some reason I caught myself thinking about Greg Halman today. Then, ten minutes later, I read Rob’s player profile on Jabari Blash, where he likened Blash’s playing style and capabilities to that of the late Greg Halman. Kind of trippy, huh?

In light of the start of Spring Training, I just wanted to remind all the dedicated baseball fans out there that it is a game, and just a small part of the life that so many of us live; even if baseball tends to dictate our mood, our disposition, and our way of life.

For Greg Halman, both the game and his life were taken away too soon.

So let’s take a minute to appreciate his career, albeit a short one, and see just how fleeting this game of baseball really can be.