Mariners: No News Is Good News?

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Another week has gone by and the Seattle Mariners have failed to make any noise on the free agent or trade front. It has a lot of Mariners fans nervous.

Nervous that the report that leaked a few weeks ago about the Mariners being out of money may actually be true. I still say it’s a load of hogwash – I want that word to make a comeback – but I can see the concerns.

To say that the Mariners have been quiet this past week would be like saying that the Pope is a Catholic. Doesn’t really quite describe it.

Now, it was Christmas this past Wednesday and a lot of staffers break for the holiday. With it being mid-week, it’s possible that many teams sent their people home for the week. With the new year just around the corner, maybe we sill start seeing some action.

Here, as best as I can, is a wrap of what DID happen this week and what is rumored to be in the works.