Mariners Not Done Adding Pieces- We Hope

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 MLB Winter Meetings were a tremendous success for the Seattle Mariners. They finalized the 10-year contract for Robinson Cano, signed free agent Corey Hart and traded RP Carter Capps to the Miami Marlins for Logan Morrison.

But this roster still has holes to fill if they hope to compete in 2014. And while we are still two months away from pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training, the Mariners should feel a sense of urgency to finalize their roster before there are no available candidates left to sign or trade for.

The M’s have made it clear that they want one more bat, a starting pitcher and a closer. Though the front office is saying they may have to search in-house for their closer because of the market.

Matt made the case for Danny Farquhar to be allowed to continue what he started last season and that’s all fine and good. But I’m sure a proven closer would be preferable, given that the M’s had 23 saves blown by the bullpen in 2013.

So what truly is next? Is this the team Jack Z set out for when he went to Orlando? Is there another big sign or trade in the works?

Let’s examine the options.