Mariners To Make A Panic Move?


The buzz around twitter right now is that the Seattle Mariners are about to make a panic move, and one that a source described as “damaging.”

The speculation started with the following tweet from writer and radio host Jason A. Churchill:

Churchill might not always be the best source (although I think he is getting to that point). But the text was corraborated quickly by Dave Cameron, who certainly seems to be trustworthy, though he isn’t in the business of breaking news.

Churchill then went on to say his source said it is “a move that gets GM’s fired,” with Cameron saying he heard it would be “damaging.”

Everyone since then has gotten to the speculation, worried that this may be the final straw. That Jack Z and company have officially lost it and are willing to do anything to save themselves.

The obvious worry here, and the one a lot of people tended to jump to, was something along the lines of Taijuan Walker for Matt Kemp, or really, Taijuan Walker for anyone not worthy of Taijuan Walker.

However, Churchill later sent out the following somewhat calming text:

They key there needs to be that this isn’t coming straight from the M’s. As far as we know, it is just speculation. But if we are to believe Jason and his source, it sounds as though Walker is safe, for now at least.

And personally, I am glad. I would much rather overspend with cash than with prospects (or in the case of Kemp, with both). So the next logical option would be that the M’s are giving Robinson Cano a literal blank check to lure him away from the Yankees. Or, much worse, that they have done something similar with a lesser free agent, like Nelson Cruz. Please, no.

As crazy as this normally would sound, I care little about the Mariners money. They have a lot of it, and are in a bad spot. They need something — anything — to turn this thing around. To get players to the park. To win some gosh darn baseball games. And someone like Cano would help with that.

Now I’m not saying the literal blank check proposal is a good idea. It isn’t, obviously. But overpaying for Cano — even to the point where it is almost guaranteed to not be worth it — may not be an awful idea. It isn’t all that smart on paper, but what’s paper got to do with it? Well, a lot actually, if that paper is green and has dead guys on it.

But if Jack were to offer Cano 9 years and $250 million, would I be angry? Well, probably not. I would wonder if it was the best decision, but at this point, I don’t care what they do with their money. Again, they aren’t short on cash, but they are short on talent.

If, however, the panic move turns out to be a piss-poor trade of a likely future ace for an oft-injured, risky outfielder, then I would be a little bit ticked, and rightfully so. See, in my opinion at least, a bad contract doesn’t hurt nearly as much as a bad trade. Look at the Yankees or the Tigers. They have dished out a lot of cash in their day. But they come back.

The Yanks do it by spending more if they have to, even if they are already strapped down with multiple albatrosses. The Tigers were able to move their physical and fiscal albatross a couple weeks ago. You still have that core, even if you can’t add to it as much.

Should that be the plan? To spend way too much money consistently? No, of course not. But if it is either that, a bad trade, or perennial sucking, I’ll take the bad contract.

As long as that contract is for a worthy player, like Cano. Not something like 4 years and $60 million for Nelson Cruz or 5 years $80 million for Ervin Santana.

Good God, please don’t be one of the last two.

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